Supply Chain Innovations

Supply Chain Innovations Award

The Supply Chain Innovation Award recognizes a retailer who has excelled in all aspects of their supply chain in order to innovate and improve customer service levels and reduce operating costs.  The entry must demonstrate a comprehensive program that improves synchronization of the various elements in their supply chain network to improve outcomes.  Projects could include re-engineering, new technology initiatives, improved logistics practices, accelerated shipping and service time frames, improved customer experience and more related initiatives.



Introduction (100 Words)

Please include the following in your response:

  • Name of retailer
  • Name of supply chain program/initiative
  • Name of agency used in developing the program/initiative (if applicable)
  • Summary of the program


Needs and Objectives (300-500 Words) – 20%

Please include the following in your response:

  • The need to improve your organizations supply chain program
  • The stakeholders involved
  • The objectives or purpose of the initiative


Program Details & Results (600-1000 Words) – 70%

Please include the following in your response:

  • Outline the details of the initiative from concept to completion.
  • Explain your program and how it was able to improve synchronization of all elements of the supply chain in order to improve costs, better experiences and achieve objectives.  Describe the result.
  • Describe the collaboration of both internal and external stakeholders.  Explain the impact the initiative had on all stakeholders (e.g. internal team collaboration, improved supplier relations, etc.).
  • Outline the resources, budget and timelines assigned to the initiative.  Explain how these resources were effectively used, budget targets were maintained and timelines achieved.
  • Describe how the initiative was to be evaluated and if the plan met the assessed needs, if all components were delivered and if the overall objectives were achieved.
  • Elaborate on any other elements that you would like to highlight about the initiative


Supporting Evidence: Judged – 10%

Please provide any pertinent visuals with descriptions; measures or data



  1. Title Page
    (Must include Award Category, Name of Company and Title of Submission)
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Content Pages
    • Introduction
    • Needs and Objectives
    • Program Details & Results
  4. Appendices (if applicable) and Supporting Evidence with description