In-Store Experience and Design

In-Store Experience & Design Award

The In-Store Experience & Design Award recognizes a retailer that demonstrates an innovative, original and visually enticing in-store experience & design layout. Whether it is a new store with a new design/layout concept, an existing store that has been completely renovated or the implementation of new technologies and tactics that add new value to the in-store shopping experience, the impact on the success of the retailer must be demonstrated. The in-store experience & design could include development of the exterior of the store (including store front materials, windows, doors, signage etc.) and/or the interior of the store (including flooring, walls, ceilings, lighting, fixtures, equipment, displays, programming etc.) or improved layout design and traffic flow. The new experience & design should incorporate store branding and target market needs into the design/layout. It should also show that the optimum shopping experience for its customers has been achieved by the in-store experience & design.



Introduction (100 Words)

Please include the following in your response:

  • Name of retailer
  • Name & location of in-store experience & design
  • Name of interior designer/architect/partner/supplier (if applicable)
  • Summary of in-store experience & design initiative


Needs and Objectives (300-500 Words) – 20%

Please include the following in your response:

  • Discuss the needs of the initiative
  • A complete description of the initiative’s target market
  • Describe the objectives of the initiative


Program Details & Results (600-1000 Words) – 70%

Please include the following in your response:

  • Outline the creative execution of the new store experience & design from concept to completion
  • Demonstrate that the initiatives deployed were innovative, visually enticing and engaged consumers. Explain how they improved the customer experience and impacted the retailer.
  • Describe how the store brand, traffic flow, target market needs, etc. were incorporated into the experience & design and they ultimately aided in achieving the initiatives goals.
  • Describe the material or elements used in each component of the design and how the design was consistent with overall brand image.
  • Explain the collaboration of both internal and external stakeholders. Describe the impact the initiative had on all stakeholders (e.g. internal team collaboration, improved supplier relations).
  • Outline the resources, budget and timelines assigned to the initiative. Explain how these resources were effectively used, budget targets maintained and timelines achieved.
  • Describe how the initiative was to be evaluated and if the plan met the assessed needs, if all components were delivered and if the overall objectives were achieved.
  • Elaborate on any other elements that you would like to highlight about the initiative 


Supporting Evidence: Judged- 10%

Provide creative examples including visuals and descriptions.



  1. Title Page (Must include Award Category, Name of Company and Title of Submission)
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Content Pages
    • Introduction
    • Needs and Objectives
    • Program Details & Results
  4. Appendices (if applicable) and Supporting Evidence with description