Sari Deckelbaum is a well rounded business & digital executive whose 20 year career has been characterized by the sustained and impactful digital business transformations of the North American retail businesses with whom she has collaborated over that period. A digital veteran since late Web 1.0, her experience through all phases of the digital revolution has equipped her with a deep and broad understanding of evolving business, digital, marketing, & e-commerce trends, while bringing a growth and agile mind-set and fresh new innovative strategic perspective to large retail organizations seeking to unlock business value, drive profitable growth and increase market share.

She currently serves as the Senior Vice-President of e-commerce at Sleep Country Canada where she inspires and leads teams to adopt sustainable, omni-business models, while using digital technology, strong digital experience and proven marketing performance strategies to drive innovation, growth, a robust online presence, and to digitally transform. Under her leadership she has led significant new business wins and has delivered strong business growth.

Her career spans multiple senior e-commerce and digital & marketing roles across the North American retail landscape. As a business transformation leader Sari uses her platform to drive thought leadership for the encouragement of digital transformation across business sectors, and also to inspire organizations to leverage data and insights to empower better marketing, & enterprise decision making leveraging a customer first approach.

Sari aspires to share her drive and wealth of knowledge with talented global teams and fellow business, digital, technology, & marketing leaders, while encouraging and championing innovation and change.