Channeling an irrepressible energy, passion and love of people, Rick is best known as the co-founder and CEO of Urban Barn, one of the best furniture retailers in Canada. While there, he became known for finding smart and motivated leaders and advisors and empowering them in the business.

Since leaving Urban Barn, Rick has used his experiences to help the next generation of entrepreneurs scale their ventures. This ranges from tactical ideas, such as leveraging pop-ups, to strategic, such as refinancing the business. As a key DIG360 contributor since 2018, Rick expands its breadth of counsel and enhances its trademark “assisted DIY” support to founders and leaders. Philosophies that enabled his own successes thread his advice: a deep focus on customer and employee experience, scalable cultures, creative collaborations, and values-led business.

Advisory includes help for:
– Founders – on what to expect along the “Founders Journey” and how to be accountable to both investors and the brand
– Owners – on scaling the business to exit, navigating equity investment, building winning cultures, and exploring creative collaborations
– Executives of Offshore Brands – on how to “win Canada” while mitigating market risk.

Rick is also available as an on-call part-time CEO in the right situations.

One look at him and you know he is an avid snowboarder and mountain biker, not to mention an all-season golfer.